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DSP has extensive general contracting experience dating back over 50 years with our first successful project in 1948.

Since then, we've completed work from modest tenant remodels to substantially technical projects including multi-story office,

commercial, industrial, retail, health care, education facilities, maintenance facilities, municipal and tenant improvements.


The key presonnel of DSP Builders, Inc. have worked together since 1972 as DSP Constructors, Inc. and include

professionals in design-drafting, estimating, computerized accounting, job-cost control and direct job site supervision.


Perhaps you have exceptional design requirements or budget flexibility is your prime concern;

maybe your business demands specific contract considerations or possibly your existing structures require modification.

DSP Builders, Inc. recognizes the specialized characteristics of each client’s needs.

Our goal at DSP is to accommodate your special needs and create a functional,

durable and tasteful structure that’s on time and within budget. 

You will find that we build with a commitment to achieve maximum value for a building’s intended end-use.

A critical feature that sets DSP apart from other general construction companies is our unique understanding

of the entire delivery process.  DSP has been involved in numerous design teams where our expertise

played a key role to develop budgets and verify project feasibility.

Since 1992, DSP Builders, Inc. has handled all functions necessary to provide quality construction.

Utilizing our in-house expertise along with the cooperation of independent architects and engineers,

DSP has become one of Colorado’s leading general contractors.


Preconstruction Services

One of the critical elements to the success of any project is identifying and integrating the client’s

goals in the initial project stages.  DSP serves as a partner to our clients to insure their objectives are met

beyond expectations.  Our clients are fully informed and included in each step of the project beginning with

site development, design, scheduling, pricing, value engineering and throughout construction.


-Site development review

-Budget estimates

-Value engineering

-Construction evaluation

-Review and development of alternate approaches

-Development of subcontractor interest

-Development of schedule and feasible phasing plan

-Guaranteed maximum pricing or lump sum pricing


Construction Services


DSP’s construction services offer the client the assurance that their project is designed and constructed for

optimum end-user function.  The construction process is a fluid collaboration between the entire team including

the owner, owner’s representative, DSP Builders, Inc, engineers, architects and designers.


-Design / Build projects

-Hard bid projects

-Negotiated projects

-Project coordination & scheduling

-Supervision services / project management

-Job loss control

-Project administration / coordination

-Project closeout




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